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Host Star: Cygnus K69 – small G-type
System: Extensive near-star Asteroid Belt, one other superearth, two gas giants.

Distance: 2700 ly
Diameter: 15,718 km
Gravity: 1.23
Length of Day: 107 Solar Days
Length of Year: 242 Solar Days
Average Day Temperature: 80 C
Average Night Temperature: -70 C
Atmosphere: Similar to Earth, higher oxygen levels. Higher pressure
Moons: Moons: Three, one slightly smaller than Luna, two barely visible. Urras, Shevek, and Takver.Water: Plentiful, 85% of the surface is water.
Weather: Constant single directional wind, 50 – 80 kph, regular precipitation.
Life: Plentiful multicellular lifeforms, complex ecology.
Gate: 193 km from colony. Connection to Hoth III

Basic Anarres Info

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