Yi Tau

Resident Xenobiologist/Trauma Doc/Abnormal Psychologist/Crazy Person


Concept/Role: Head Xenobiologist and frontier psychologist of Anares.

Early Life: Fast-simulspace Blues
Aspect: Mono No Aware

Fast-time simulsapce that was constantly changing and being reverted as the people around Yi went progressively mad made her keenly aware that even if death was for all purposes cured, life was still impermanent. While your friend couldn’t died, every time they were murdered in cold blood only to respawn left them a little more wary, a little more cold and distant and something was lost. Then people literally started disappearing. Yi both gained a sense of when things went missing, be it in a literal fashion or a more emotional one and has an appreciation for the passing of such, in that it can be appreciated while still fighting as hard as she can to document and maintain what still exists. Sure there’s a bit of cognitive dissonance with both wanting to save everything and yet, also being keenly aware that it is all fleeting including her own efforts, which results in a bittersweet wistfulness in the face of losing things.

Early Life: Escaping the Legacy
Aspect: Never trust hypercaptialists.

The day that Yi woke up on the Legacy, in the flesh was one of the worst of her life and something she does not talk about at all. In short order, her mind was re-written by the Exurgent virus, goons from Hanto Geonomics came to decommission her, along with the rest of the awakening Lost. Yi’s newly awakened Async powers saved her life that day, literally premeditating each step of the security force before they knew what they were going to do, then jettisoning herself in a exterior repair vessel, later to be picked up by Scum scavengers come to pick the remains of the Legacy clean. Between the attempted murder and growing up in real space almost entirely with Autonomist individuals, she’s earned a healthy distrust for corporatists.

1st Adventure: Into the Black
Aspect: The pursuit of knowledge is always the most worthwhile goal

Yi realized quickly that she was a newborn in a complicated world without much to her name, she needed to find some pragmatic skills to make herself useful in the world. She drifted from colony to colony as she could, never staying too long in one place, for fear that her pursuers would catch up with her. She had a fairly good stock of technical and scientific knowledge from her simulspace days which she started to apply in the most directly useful way she could. Always call for doctors and people who could build and repair synthmorphs, along with psychological help, she found herself juggling a number of roles simultaneously, learning more as she went along and moved further and further away from the inner core of power that the hypercorps had. During this early journey of discovery, Yi learned that pursuit of knowledge in and of itself was what made her happiest and the act of learning new things in the world filled her with joy unlike few other things. New and interesting things, knowledge that no one else had became a particularly keen goal of hers and her mind was made up as to where her ultimate destination would be: Beyond the gates.

2nd Adventure:Dreaming on Distant Shores
Aspect: Xenophile

Yi eventually found herself at Chat Noir after fleeing inner space due to concerns about what Hanto Geonomics and other shareholders were considering to do with her and her ultimate goal to get beyond the Solar system. Chat Noir and the Love and Rage collective seemed like a natural fit, a far flung colony yet also well fortified and having interesting work opportunities founded around a gate. She started working as a general medic and psychologist, always needed in an established colony. While there, she ran across a curious necklace made out of a dreamshell that seemed to speak to her. Liberated from a corporate research center, earch then cast aside when nothing of use could be found out about it, she picked it up in exchange for a major favor for doing some less than aboveboard mods for the previous research. Since acquiring the dreamshell, Yi’s knowledge about Xenobiology has been growing at an outstanding rate, and her thirst for learning more about aliens has been insatiable, with her dreams seeming to almost be teaching her things in her sleep…

Connection: Something borrowed, something new…
Aspect: Always have a backup plan.
A mysterious party contacted Yi to act as a consultant for observation of a newly “returned” member of the failed first settlement party of Anares, one “Sion Pax”. Offering a large enough cache of research information to finally get her through the gate to Anares as a research and have enough rep leftover to live comfortably there, she eagerly accepted. They took an Alpha Fork of her and the ALpha fork was brought to Anares to interview and observe Sion Pax for some time, participating some of the psychological and biological evaluation of them. Unfortunately for the third part containing Yi’s Fork, they failed to realize that her extremely paranoid tendencies paired with a particularly strong will to live would convert into a large scale plan to evade her eventual destruction and re-combine with herself. While the fork couldn’t get a whole copy of herself back for re-integration, it did manage to transfer her knowledge from the encounter via a Delta fork, reformatted to appear like rather mundane (And coded) statistical analysis data, inserted into the stack of research docs meant as payment to herself. This frankly doesn’t surprise Yi, but she’s also now concerned that her fork’s antics not gone as unnoticed as she thinks.

Trouble: Curiosity, untempered by common sense.


Yi Tau

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