Sion Pax

General Appearance:

Siôn generally is found dressed in light, minimalist coveralls with many pockets and clasps. He has dirty blond hair maintained usually shown in a close-crop wedge. His gaze is usually very intense, sometimes held for a moment too long to be considered comfortable. Cursory scans present him as human, but he admits publicly that he is a synth (He says he is an Early Liquid Steel Morph)
Char. Sheet


Concept (Hacker/Programmer) They said something about curiosity and cats, good thing i’m not a cat…

Trouble (REDACTED)

Connection (Yi Tau) … Firewhat??? OW! stop poking me!

Fall (Escaped right before the burn) Phenominal Cosmic Luckey Bastard!

Early Life (Child Prodigy) That precocious kid knows everything!

Adventure (First Crash) Oh My? What a strange body you have…

Adventure (Spirit of adventure) Have cornacopia, will travel!

Sion Pax

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