Rockwell Mineral Lab

Lead: Doctor Rockwell

This lab is largely a personal project for Dr. Rockwell, a noted geologist and xenoarchaeologist who turned down a position at the main colony. He received funding via the ARC Extraction Outpost, for which he does some amount of consulting, but is otherwise unaffiliated. The details of his work are not publicly known, though he was screened like everyone else by Fissure before being given permission to set up on Anarres.


On June 16th, Dr. Rockwell abandoned his original lab for unknown reasons. When contacted about needing assistance, we were curtly turned down. He seems to have swiftly set up a new lab, well away from the first and closer to the ARC outpost, which presumably gave him the resources. We’re leaving it all alone for now, but it would be nice to know what happened.

Rockwell Mineral Lab

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