Outpost Alpha

Research Outpost

Lead: Doctor Maja Lindburg

Located 235km from the colony dome, the outpost is a major xenoarchaeology site. Ruins were discovered built into the cliff face of a canyon here, with a clearly artificial landing platform jutting out. High winds make landing slightly tricky, and operating on the platform itself unpleasant. The outpost living area is just inside the cave, and most of the exploration is done via remote. The outpost is lined with a tungsten alloy, and kept warmed to 150 C via a thermal venting system. It seems to be operational on some level and in good repair. Worker bots of several times patrol the halls, apparently self-repairing and operating with programmed routines. The wall construction causes severe distortion for radio signals, made worse by some sort of static created by the still active electronics. The complex has not yet been fully explored, as it appears to stretch through miles of corridors.

A second possible site has been found in another canyon, located near the equator, but visuals have been less conclusive, and even better channeling makes the wind nearly impossible to fly in.

Outpost Alpha

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