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Basic Anarres Info



Lieutenant Berg – Military Specialist
Doc Faraday – Saloon Owner
Miranda Garcia – Civil Engineer
IkolFGTF Representative
Doctor Maja Lindburg – Outpost Lead
Mek – Robotic Design Engineer
Isaak Oserov – Administrator
Doctor Rex Razor – Medical Adventurer
Doctor Ajit Sarin – Outpost Researcher MISSING
Spark – Mesh Support/Journalist
Dave Sumner Science Engineer

Exdents – Autonomists in Training

Fluke – Deep Sea Specialist
Citla – Scavenger and Miner
Arlond Cookell – Xenogeologist
Anatoli Lubchenko – Overwatch
Othello – Marine Biologist
Sion Pax – Gate Programmer
Eris – Liquid Metal Cat
Yi Tau – Medical Expert
Treek – Exploration Pilot


General Native Biology
Notable Native Lifeforms
Outpost Alpha – Research Site


Behemoth-Type SynthMek – Mek
Hellhound-Type SynthMek – Heavy Work and Security Synth
Illithid-Type SynthMek – Engineering and Research Synth
Orc-Type SynthMek – Default Colony Synth
Leviathan-Type SynthMek – Fluke
Scylla-Type SynthMek – Aquatic Research Synth


DomeMaster Mobile Base – Fully-Functional Treaded Outpost
G-51 BioPod – Small Exploration and Repair Sub
Go-Cycle Mk IV – Rugged Two-Person Enclosed Bike
Kestrel Type-S – Transport Jet
Nautilus – Heavy Transport/Research Sub
Vesper SeaSprite – Portable Sea Plane
XXV Crasher Truck – All-Purpose Ground/Water Vehicle

Other Colonies

ARC Extraction Outpost – Extropian Mining Colony
InGen Research Base – Extropian Xenogenetics Colony
Lemuria – Anarchist Aquatic Colony
Luminous Allure Colony – Scum Synth Sculptor Colony
Rockwell Mineral Lab – Independent Research Facility
Scheduled Chaos – Extropian Habitation Colony
Taureg Nomadic Colony – Nomadic Eco-Group

Other Locations

Abandoned Lab
Ancient Seabed
Gate Outpost
Magnesium Geysers
Wind Canyon
Tide Pools

Notes and Blogs

Citla’s Notes

Out of Character

Aspect Rules

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