Citla is a hedonistic hardware freak from the Scum barges. They wear a bizarrely decorated steel synth morph and their mesh profile looks like an art-school stoner’s 2005 Myspace page.

Aspects: “Nobody was using those atoms.” This character lives to make stuff, drive stuff around, and find more stuff to make stuff with. A cool project is excuse enough to stuff almost anything into the feedstock recycler.

Early life – Born on Earth. Grew up in a transient camp for weather refugees near El Paso. Scammed a corporate recruiter looking for cheap labor, ended up on an orbital construction crew. Narrowly escaped death in a major industrial accident. Crewmember on one of the first scum barges.
The Fall – “We were already out in the Main Belt by then. I don’t remember much except that the mesh links went crazy and so did the mass markets. Eventually we turned off the external mesh connections and just waited, although we couldn’t have told you what for. It was a bad time, a lot of fights, some suicides, a lot of people just sitting around catatonic. When we poked our heads out a few weeks later, the only thing that was clear was that nobody was going home, so we just kept working. A few months later we put together the consensus to boost out to the KB, although it took us years to actually make it out there… that whole project got a big kick in the ass when we accidentally stole some hypercorp’s fancy biotech goop, but that’s another story.”
First notable adventure – “In my first job, we were building Rio Tinto a new orbital refinery, and making a fucking pittance doing it, the bastards. They were doing it cheap all along the way, even dumb kids still puking from SAS could tell. We were understaffed, months backlogged on the maintenance schedules, and one fine day a tug blew up — main engine combustion chamber failure, they said later. It was in the worst place, right by the row of inflatable barracks, and five of six of them got holed. I was in the one that wasn’t, flying a drone laying pipelines. I managed to patch up a few sections of one module, one of the ones that wasn’t just ripped open, caulked it up enough to hold pressure while everyone inside got into suits and got out. The whole time, there was junk and… bodies… floating around, tumbling, getting in the way. And then we spent ten days with maybe eighty people in barracks built for thirty. Ten days it took them to evac us! Back to Earth. They gave me a bonus. All I could think about was all the people that I couldn’t save, that nobody could save.”
Second adventure – “We were out looking for tasty rocks, thought we saw a nice metally one on the radar. Come to find out it was some hypercorp bot that thought we were a tasty rock. When it worked out we weren’t a tasty rock, it got real surly. Shot at us! I’ll never know how I moved our old scoutship fast enough to dodge that KE slug, or the next one. We blinded it with ECM and then Lith hacked it, he always was the best we had at that. I wanted to walk away but Bis and Lith were bound and determined to scavenge it. They got the data core and tried to sell it. Omnicor security was waiting for us on Tulihand station. We barely got away from them, and we lost the bot."

// 7 res pts


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