Eclipse Phase - Anarres

Building - Miranda Garcia

This is colonial civil engineer Miranda Garcia. We ran the numbers over and over, but it just doesn’t make sense to build by the gate. It’s going to be an annoyance to shuttle back and forth like this, but the alternate spot has too many advantages. With the constant, one-directional wind, the cliff face is going to be a big boon, and you can never be too close to water. The workers are already starting to convert some of the beach for more stability, and then we can start making more permanent structures. I’m glad we’ve got enough power along for constant light, it’s about to be dark for a long time.

Follow-up - Silver Angels

Silver Angels reporting in. Everything’s checking out just like you said. We’ve seen some man-sized fauna already, pretty weird-looking, but definitely animaloid. Maybe dormant though, need to get someone who knows this stuff better. Based on what the Satmap’s showing us, there’s a lot more water than land here, and I bet the sea must be teeming with life. Too bad the Gate’s so far from it, but we’ll be there before too long and check it out.

First In - Killer Lizards

This is Gatecrash team Killer Lizards. We’re definitely seeing something like plant life in the immediate area here, and we’re getting movement pings from the recon bots. This place might not be Earth level, but we’ve still got life everywhere. After running the scans a bit longer, I’ll go ahead and try taking off my helmet. It’s gonna be a little hot, but nothing too bad, and we’re still not picking up anything nasty in the air. Hope we’re getting some serious Rep here.


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