Anatoli "Trimurti" Lubchenko

Hypervigilant Security Chief


Concept: Hypervigilant Security Chief

Trouble: “What if the TITANs already got to me?”

Early Life

Grew up in an orbital frontier colony, son of hauler/scavengers. Learned to fly young, out of necessity, but never really enjoyed it.

Aspect: Home on Lagrange

The Fall

Conscripted to fly evac flights from Earth, a passenger on one flight ended up mutating on the ship, psi-stunning half the passengers and fetting ready to slaughter the rest. Agni managed to vent the ship, sucking out the monster and thus managing to save at least a few refugees.

Aspect: Cold Equations

Adventure 1

Inspired by seeing the work of the Ultimates in the Fall evacuation, and concerned abouot the possibility of TITAN influece on his on mind, Agni chose to follow the Ultimate path of pursuit of perfection. He met a leading-edge Ultimate Scientist and together they developed the fairly radical three-morth option, to give him optimal versatility and (hopefully) mental integrity.

Aspect: Self-Experimentation

Adventure 2

While working as a security contractor for (insert hypercorp here), he discovered them doing research on what looked like dangerous TITAN tech. His response was to broadcast his findings across the hypernet, abd sterilize the facility, and collect he cortical tacks for quarantine. Firewall responded to his hyperwave, proved their trustwortiness, and took over the situation. Needless to say, he necer worked for hypercorps again. Fortunately, this gave him plenty of goodwill in autonomist circles.

Aspect: Very Thorough


Anatoli "Trimurti" Lubchenko

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