Eclipse Phase - Anarres


Report from Dr. Lindburg

I’ve been looking closely over Yi’s data. As much as I hate to admit it, I think she has something here. She just swooped in, figured out something we’d been struggling with for months, then went off to go party or something. I believe she must have used some of the Mindbending of hers, which is highly questionable itself, but it’s hard to argue with results. Expect to see greatly accelerated understanding of the aliens in the coming weeks.

Report from Miranda Garcia

Hey, Garcia here. Citla’s drawn out some spots for new mining operations. No problem with the basic building, but we’re gonna need at least a base level defense setup around each one, and maybe some active personell while I get everything running. Just letting you know each of these sites may be drawing people away for at least a few days, and we’re going to burn through more resources well before we start making it back. Definitely still a good plan, mind you.

Report from Spark

I have intercepted a second pulse from the small moon Takver. It is definitely a laser transmission. As you recall, I believed I had spotted one once before, but had not been scanning for it specifically. Now I have confirmation. I still can see nothing on the Takver surface itself, but there has to be something there, transmitting. I have a rough idea of the beam’s target point, and have uploaded the coordinates. It is in the general vicinity of ARC’s operation.

Report from Lt. Berg

Lt. Berg reporting.

It sounds like both Commander Lubchenko and Mek may be going to the event at the Luminous Allure Colony. This leaves us notably understaffed, security-wise. I want a few of the Exdents put on patrol duty for the duration.


Elanna Elanna

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