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August 21, 2140

New Arrivals!

Will they provide needed support for the brave individuals of Anarres Colony? Will the social order adjust to the influx of new personalities? Will Anarres Colony survive this highly expected development? Probably. Interviews follow.

Spark: You are Rex Razor, Action Doctor.
RRAD: Yeah, definitely am. Er, was that what you wanted to ask?
Spark: You have encountered the newcomers. What challenges do we face?
RRAD: Oh, yeah, I met a few of them. I’ve been really eager to have Yi Tau around, one reptile can’t do everything on xir own, you know? I bet we’ll make a great science team, I’ve got tons to show her. And we got the water guys in too, which is great, I’ve been real antsy about getting my claws on some of the deep water life on this rock. Can you imagine what freaky stuff has to be down there?
Spark: No, I cannot. And what of the infamous Sion Pax, “The One Who Came Back”?
RRAD: Do they call him that? That’s not bad, kind of theatrical though. But sure, I met him too. He seems fine, not too Titany from what I can see. Hey, I’ve been a crasher for about as long as anybody, and I can say these things just happen. Adventure is a dangerous business, and sometimes you get devoured by a great evil! But sometimes it’s okay. We’re all keeping an eye on him anyway though.
Spark: Time will tell.

One Soldier’s Opinion

I’m cautiously optimistic about the new team. Commander Lubchenko should make it far easier to keep things safe and steady around here, and we’ve certainly been needing more personell in the other fields. I was pleased to see that they all visited the Outpost so quickly. The sooner we uncover what’s going on there, the sooner we can worry about some other mystery.

Meet Fluke!

Hey all, this is Fluke. You might’ve seen me as the big orcabot waddling around the colony today. Well, I’m the new Underwater Operations specialist, and I’m planning to get to work on that deep sea outpost you want right away. I’m already going over what you have so far and should begin working with Ms. Garcia within the next couple days. With a little luck, there might be a semi-working structure down there in less than a week! So, if I don’t seem too talkative, it’s just because I’ll be really busy for a bit. Belly rubs are still appreciated.

Shocking Events!

Tomorrow, the 22nd, at 8:pm Sol, the Carnival of the Goat delegation that arrived a few days back is sponsoring a party at the Luminous Allure Colony. If you enjoy disgusting displays of sexual meat anatomy as well as artistically rendered synthkink sculpture, both will be present in quantity.


Elanna Elanna

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